In Garita Automotive the projection towards the new scenarios and Management business models is crucial; due to this, the technology and the digitalization projects play a principal role. We innovate focus all our efforts to thee market and society demands, by means of the multi-disciplinary team work of our high qualify people.

Currently Garita Automotive put the focus on the innovations demanded for meet with the European Union policies upon the pollutant emission in cars. In this line, one of the priorities of the automotive sector is to reduce the car weight in order to minimize the fuel consumption and the pollutant emissions to the environmental. Due to this, the car component´s lightening has become in one of the biggest challenge inside the Automotive Industry.

OEM´s indicate that the key for a successful lightening is used the proper material for the correct part in the timely place on the car. In line with the rest, in Garita Automotive we developed R&D activities in the manufacturing of components with lightened materials: Aluminum and Advanced Steels of High Strength of 3rd Generation.

In addition to our own capacities of qualify people and production means for execute Innovative process, we frequently cooperate with Technological Centers such as IK4 and Tecnalia, and we also actively participate in Innobasque and in the AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center, as member of ACICAE, the Basque Contry´s Automotive Cluster.