Garita Automotive is a Company with a high qualify and motivated human team. We are a Company which bet for the future. We know that people who form GARITA are the motor of the growth of our Company and the main responsible of our position inside the market.

In Garita Automotive we want to answer in a balanced form to all the market´s demands and the needs and aspirations of our people, strengthening the value of our shared commitment. We pay special attention to our People Management based on:

   · Complete Integration on the Company Culture.
   · Health and Security Care.
Stable geographical location.
 Professional career development.
Equal Opportunities.

We have a People Management Model in which all the Competency Profiles are defined including the evaluation of the people management and, in addition, the improvement areas are identified in order to define the Plans and Training Career of each one of our people. Through the systematic measurement of the evolution of all our people and their commitment to improvement, we recognize individual and collective challenges and achievements.