GARITA AUTOMOTIVE have the best team and technical resources for could manage, since the beginning and coming from the Request for Quotation of our customers, a completely study and analysis of the information and the expectations, taking part together with our customers in the product re-design phases , sharing improvements and solutions that complement the original designs. All processes are designed after an FMEA analysis from which the most accurate production  means for each reference are selected and the Control Plan, Control Jigs and poka-yokes  are designed for achieve the most competitive process with “ ZERO DEFFECTS”.

After this analysis, our Project Management Team, managed by a Project Leader, and with a strong relation with the Sales, Quality and Production Department use specific tools for:

  1. Study and analysis of Customer´s expectations.
  2. Feasibility Study.
  3. Study of the most competitive process.
  4. Study of the Technical Budget.
  5. Design of production tools and means.
  6. Proto-Type manufacturing.
  7. Homologate Product and Process.

All this tasks carry out under the APQP procedure with a continuous tracking of all the Project Phases , putting the main efforts on the critical ones , and with the main goal of achieve the timings fixed by our customers till industrialize the product in GARITA AUTOMOTIVE.

Once this point is overcome and during Project life-time, Project Management continue involved in cooperation with other departments on a Continued Improvement of the process for achieve and overcome the quality standards of our customers fulfilling the target costs.


We continue cooperate with our customers in the part design process, for manage the most competitive process which gives rise to the most liable products.

Also Garita Automotive  have all the accurate software for make the strip lay out and the simulation process of the different stamping operations which give us the best analysis of the processes and the operations step by step, anticipating the problems that could appear and finding solutions for reduce the costs and the timings initially fixed.


Design, development, Management, tracking and approval of the Tooling is responsibility and it´s managed and coordinated in every moment for the Project Team of GARITA AUTOMOTIVE. All manufacturing steps are controlled by our Technical Department with the goal of maximize the results.